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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ -1
    I have never bought a headstone before where do I begin?

    Most families will only ever buy a headstone once or twice in a lifetime. We understand how difficult this process can be and are here to help you through it. We will talk you through the whole process whether your loved one has been buried or cremated, explaining the options and choices available to you and the processes involved including timeframes. We will also deal with the cemeteries on your behalf, so once you decide on how you want to memorialise your loved one we take care of everything. We understand that when choosing a memorial, a family is grieving and our aim is to be part of that so that the finished headstone is a true reflection of a life lived.

  • FAQ -2
    When can I order a headstone?

    Most families will wait until after the funeral to start thinking about a headstone. However there are some who will contact us beforehand as often this is the only time that all the family is together, so it is felt this is a good time for everyone to be involved.

  • FAQ -3
    How soon can I have me headstone installed after burial/cremation?

    In council operated cemeteries a headstone can normally be installed immediately as the council provide a concrete beam at the head of the grave. In Private cemeteries we recommend six month for the ground to settle.

    Cremation memorials can normally be installed immediately, we can give precise guidance once we have the exact location of the grave.

  • FAQ -4
    Can I put up any type of headstone?

    Council operated cemeteries have rules and regulations about what types of headstones they allow. They will specify natural material granite, stone, or marble and they have size regulations. Contact us with the cemetery name and location details and we will advise you.

    Most private and urupa cemeteries are not regulated and a larger variety of materials and sizes are allowed.

  • FAQ -5
    I have seen a memorial I like but I can't find it on your website can you help me?

    Yes, we can quote for any headstone in any natural granite, stone or marble from either a photograph or drawing.

  • FAQ -6
    Can I design my own headstone for a loved one?

    We welcome your ideas and through the information, you share with us, we will draw the design to scale so you can see how it will look, we can then finalize the design specifications and have the headstone manufactured. We specialize in one-off designs that reflect an individual.

  • FAQ -7
    Who can put a headstone on the grave?

    Most council operated cemeteries require a permit to install a headstone on the plot, this requires authority from the plot owner or estate executive. In most cases, this is the person who arranged the burial with the council authority. If you are in doubt as to who owns the plot we can check this for you.

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